Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Last Cell Group Meeting in Kajang

Had my final meeting with my cell group members at Moi Moi's place on Friday. It was pouring cats and dogs, so getting there was quite a challenge. But it was worth it. Played a simple game of rock-scissors-paper for our ice-breaker. I led our worship session for one last time and then had a simple chit-chat with everyone. After that, went to Jalan Sam Peng (off Jalan Loke Yew, near the Shell petrol station) for some nice nasi lemak and chee-cheong-fan. Quite a lot people though it was like 11.30pm already. Nice!

With the Chin family, Wai Meng, John-John, Sarina and Gillian

With Moi Moi, Judy and the Chins

Ann, potential Mrs Malaysia 2007:P

My two favourite Xi Lais, Judy and Ann. Got them around, food no problem:P

One big happy family:)

Chinese-style nasi lemak, cannot do without fried eggs and chicken curry;)

Chee-Cheong-Fan! Kecek Kecek (only the dudes who have stayed with me in Kepong would know what kecek kecek means:P)

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shawnchin said...

kecekk kecekk..

hehehe... forgot all about that. LOL