Thursday, August 31, 2006

Super Sunday!

After Super Saturday, Sunday could only get better:P My Shell friends decided to give me a super duper 13-hour farewell:)) (Ok, to be honest, I was the event organiser as I seemed to have suddenly developed the talents for it. But the ideas did mostly come from them:P)

The day started at 9.30am where me and Leng Chye left home, then we went to pick up Ann and Peng Peng. Then we went for dim sum (my special request). Sorry, I'm a very lousy camera owner. Too early in the morning, so forgot to take photos. Too busy eating anyway. I'm sure if you wanna see photos of char siew pau, siew mai and what nots, there are better photos online anyway:P Special mention: Ann Yeen ordered the shop's specialty for me: Siew Mai Wong (King of Siew Mai). It tasted very very good. Wish I could have more:P

Peng Peng (Golden Heart) and Ann (Fat Fair Lady)

After dimsum, it was off to Sunway Pyramid. The photo above was taken to prove that we started pretty early in the day:P

We watched Nacho Libre. The movie was unforgetttable but all for the wrong reasons:P The storyline was so bad that it disturbingly stays in your mind after you come out from the cinema. It's about a priest who wants to be a wrestler, who also falls in love with a beautiful nun. Aiyo ma!! Sorry to LC, Ann and Peng Peng who had to endure my choice of show. Well, it was the only show at that time, so really no choice la:P Kesian Peng Peng who had to endure shopping with Ann before the show as well:

Kesian Ann cause she was ill-advised to pass her shopping bag to us:

As usual, Klang Valley people would stop by Starbucks. We were for about 1/2 - 1 hour waiting for 2 more fellas, Steven and Ben.

Hehehe, after 100 emails to and flow, finally only 6 fellas turn up out of a potential 15-16. Hahaha, it reflects badly on my popularity in Shell. But the rest actually were either in Europe, in Penang, had to work or had to have their ass assessed (erm, work assessment to become staff in Shell). Most likely they also couldnt be bothered also la:P Well, in retrospect, 6 fellas is actually just nice as you'll see later;)

In betweens, there's always time to pose with lovely ladies. Sorry guys, green dress's married, the other one, matter of time saja:P Move along nothing to see here anymore:))

Ben and Steven didnt have lunch yet. So it was on to KFC for some "finger-**cking good" "chicken" where Ann, who's just bagged the Shell IT Annual Dinner Fair Lady award tried to do some marketing for KFC Metz:

Haha. I know it's been pretty routine up till now. Well, things got more fun pretty soon as we sauntered up to Pyramid Megalanes for two games of bowling. To spice things up (Ann and Steven's idea), we split ourselves into two teams (Ann, LC and Ben vs Steven, Peng Peng and Alan). The teaming was random. Through sheer coincidence, we realised the teams' overall skills were pretty evenly matched. Losers have to pay for karaoke later (or so we said):P So, it became a very tense competition with a lot of underhand tactics. As usual, due to too much excitement, I forgot to take photos again:)). But trust me, any possible tricks that could distract opponents were employed to harrass our opponents. The natural targets were Ann and Peng Peng of course as since the beginning of time memorial, guys were always better at kacau-ing girls than vice versa. I know in modern times, things have changed a bit but some societal values remain unchanged:))

Anyway, back to the competition, it was pretty tense I tell you. We played two games, each game, the winners were only decided right at the last bowl. It was that close. First game was warm up for everyone. I scored 99 I think, our team got 275. The opponents, 260. Yes! A 15-point lead. Steven was the hero scoring 100+. 2nd game was even more tense. Suddenly everyone's game picked up a lot. One team striked, the other would spare their frame. Cat and mouse all the way to the end. Suddenly my game improved leaps and bounds too. Accurate and concentrate. Spared 3-4 frames in a row. The lead was ding-dong-ing between both teams. And finally, the score? 313-309, we won by just 4 points! Last frame was by Ann and she spared hers to give her 1 more chance to bowl. Luckily she didnt do enough to win:P In the end, we still won with 19 points overall. But dam tense. Good game! Gonna miss bowling so much!

Worthy opponents but still losers in the end:P You would notice by now that most of us strike a certain pose with our thumb and fore finger everytime we take photo. Yup, fair lady's classic pose:))

We are the champions!!

Bowling finished at 5pm. Karaoke supposed to commence at 7pm. So drop by the video arcade for a while. There's this Initial-D arcade that's pretty interesting. Apparently one can get a sim card and fill it with one's race info (car, wins, points). Everytime you race, you slot the card into a reader, then all your info will be shown on the race monitor. When you win, it'll be updated. Cool! We spent quite some time playing this rather childish but addictive game where you need to fill up jigsaw puzzles and spot differences between photos. All 6 of us crowd around the screen to help Steven finish the game. Very worth it since all 6 could play using 1-2 tokens only:))

Finally, the highlight of the day was here:P Makan and singing... we are really that crazy:)) Tak larat wanna write some more also. Just let the photos and captions speak for themselves:

People definitely don go to Redbox for the food. So the less said about it, the better;)

Karaoke time also need to pose!

As the night goes on, everyone becomes more entrenched in the songs

I still remain a bit cool until...

Hehehe, some tender moments as well:

Of course those moments don last long:

It was great fun! Night had to end somehow and it did at 11pm:) Yup, from 9.30am to 11pm.
Way past some people's bedtime already:

Reached home at 1am for the 3rd night straight. Wah.... I think this farewell paling keng already! Thanks guys!! Longest post in my blog so far also I think:))

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