Sunday, August 20, 2006

Farewell At The Liews

Had a wonderful time with my ex-cell leader, Liew and his family this evening. Liew and his wife Merrilyn have 4 kids, eldest son Casey, then 3 daughters, Ann Jill, Jo Anne and Lee Anne (semua ada Anne in their names:P). They invited me over for dinner and chit-chat. I've known them for almost 3 years since I've joined their cell group. Though I later joined the new group that multiplied out after we got too big, I've always kept close contacts with these lovely folks.

Always had makan with them after church. Casey always had questions related to computers for me:P and we are both thorough petrolheads. I think I introduced Top Gear to him and many more car junks. I've told Liew, better that Casey is hooked to cars than drugs and alcohol at age 20 and I think he could not agree more:P In fact, Liew is quite a car buff himself too as he just brought me for a test drive with a friend's old Merc SL500 while waiting for dinner to be ready:P

They're like my family here in KL. Liew has always been there to help me out whenever I had problems. What a fantastic brother-in-christ! I am indeed blessed with wonderful people around me wherever I go.

Some photos:
Lot 195, Kajang Country Heights. Always warm and welcoming to all guests.

Casey's very very desirable BMW E36 318iS with its M44B19 (1.9L, 150bhp) engine, M3 Body-kit and Angel Eyes. The envy of many petrolheads. Couldnt resist posing with it.

A mutual friend's old Merc SL500. Drove it for a while from Country Heights to Marriot and back. Scary car. V8 5L engine with lots of power but the steering didnt felt like it was connected to the front wheels and it wobbles badly at high-speed corners. Like I said, scary. The E36 is so much nicer to drive:)

Very comfortable back garden with the makan place, study room and pool nicely placed. Once you masuk this area, don wanna balik already:P

Dinner...mouth-watering Mee-Hun Kueh (Pan Meen in cantonese) with minced meat and lots of cili padi. Simple but gonna miss it a lot in UK.

Group photo with the Liews. Standing: Me and Casey. Sitting (L-R) Joanne, Liew, Merrilyn and Ann Jill. The two kids were Wei Han (Casey's cousin) and Lee Anne.


* << cHriStlUvaNn >> * said...

hey ya ;)

this post is real sweet!
can we go sing before u leave? can we?

ngyahloon said...

hehehe, will try my best to arrange... but chances not very high:(

Casey said...

ya man!!!!! the car looks dam sleek weh!!! heheheeheh.......