Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today is Malaysia's 49th Independence Day (31st August 1957). Though there are many things to complain about this country, there are more things to rejoice and shout about. I'm grateful to be born in this special country where people dont kill each other just because you look "one kind" at them (manglish for glaring). Would like to take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians Happy Merdeka. Hope in 3-4 years time when I'm back, we'll be a more developed country but with our integrity and values still intact:) Introduce my favourite national song as well. So nostalgic now:


Demi negara yang tercinta
Di curahkan bakti penuh setia
Demi raja yang disanjung tinggi
Kesetiaan tak berbelah bagi

Kepada pemimpin kepada rakyat
Khidmat diberi penuh taat
Sama bekerja sama berusaha
Setia berkhidmat untuk semua

Rela berkorban apa saja
Amanah bangsa tetap dijaga
Kami berikrar penuh setia
Untuk agama, bangsa dan negara

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